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>> we're back in open session. is there a motion to keep the discussions and deliberations relating to the matter that was discussed in confidential session, keep that confidential? that is perhaps not the most el eloquent motion i have ever made. >> [ laughter ] >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment? hearing none, all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? there are none.
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mr. st. croix, can you make the announcements? >> finding of probable cause for ethics commission complaint 13-111013, at its regular meeting of january 28th, 2013, in the matter of ethics complaint 13-1103,the ethics commission made a determination that there is probably cause to believe the following violations of the san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code occurred and that the respondents committed them. one violation of san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code section 1.1 16 subsection a2 for reporting and receiving a loan to his candidate committee in excess of $120,000. two, one violation of san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code section 1.1 16, subsection c, for repaying aloan amount in excess of $120,000.
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3 one violation of california government code section 81 104, subdivision a has incorporated into local law by san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code section 1.1 106 for not accurately reporting either the correct amount loan or the date that the loan was deposited into the committee's bank ak. four, one violation of san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code for not providingdoms that were required to keep within ten business days after a request by ethics commission staff. five, 16 violations of california code section 1 4104 as incorporated into local law by san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code section 1.1 06 for faying to maintain detailed records that document the days on which his committee made 15 expenditures, the amounts of the expenditures, the names and addresses of the payees or
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description of the goods or services. 6,15 violations of san francisco campaign and governmentality conduct code subdivision a1 for failing to make 15 campaign expenditures from the candidate committee's bank account. each commissioner who participated in a decision to find probable cause must certify on the record that he or she personally heard or read the testimony, reviewed the evidence or otherwise reviewed the entire record of the proceedings. >> each commissioner must so certify. >> you want individuals. >> one at a time? >> commissioner renne? >> i will so certify. >> i so certify. >> i so sort if i certify. >> i so certify. >> i so certify. >> the respondents are presumed to be innocent unless such time they are proved in the merits.
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the executive director shall issue accusations for investigations and enforcement proceedings. >> the next item on the agenda discussion and possible action on moats of the commission's regular meeting of november 26th, 2012. >> >> public comment. >> david pilpel on page 3 of the draft minutes under "public comment," is someone following with me sorry. bottom of page 3. under "public comment." mr. ng stated that he needed clarification, i believe needed would be better.
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on page 4, "public comment," towards the top, my comments stated that the term "qualification" should be included perhaps in the definition, not into. on the bottom of page 4, item 5, the closed session evaluation of director st. croix i believe that should also reference the brown act and sunshine ordinance provisions that permit such closed sessions. and there was one other -- one moment. well there was one another thing and darned if i can find it now. i will try to find it and
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communicate it to staff, but just minor typographical things. i did try to read the minutes. thank you. >> is there a motion to adopt the minutes as amended by mr. pilpel? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, next item on the agenda is the executive director's report. >> i just want to throw one thing on top of the report. during public comment earlier a number of people mentioned again the jewelle gomez case and i did call the mayor's office and to ask if it was forthcoming and said they would do so today. the first question is a
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response coming? the answer is no. then, that is that if it's yes, i will try to get an idea of when. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any questions from the commissioners on the executive director's report? public comment? david pilpel and i did find the other thing on the minutes page 4 in the middle of "public comment," while i was talking about an insufficient number of commas, i would insert a comma there, to make the comment more readable. onto the executive director's report. trying to liven this up in case anybody is watching this. >> we're watching, mr. pilpel. >> we're watching, mr. pilpel. >> that is right. in connection with the
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november, 2012 election, i would anticipate we're going to get a report from staff about the effectiveness of the public financing program. i assume, although i didn't see a survey that there was a survey after the november election, maybe? so i'm looking forward to hearing more about that. there was reference somewhere in here about -- or maybe it was discussed earlier about the number of audits. there is no discussion in the executive director's report about the status of audits, where we are, since we're halfway through the year? are we halfway through the audits that were scheduled? kind of the audit status? i continue to note that although i guess we got past the instant issue with chris jackson that we still have an outstanding balance that mr. jackson owes the city. i continue to believe that we should publish a list of all the bad actors that have
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outstanding fees, fines, forms out. and i wanted to note on page 4 the technology upgrades. i would like to thank steven massey, it director, as much as possible, because he is one of the unheralded staff members who really does a lot in terms of servers and technology and the whole dashboard program. the updates to the electronic filing program really have been helpful, as i understand. and kudos to steven for that work. thank you. >> thank you. and i certainly echo the great work that mr. massey and the staff have done on our electronic filing. i do think it has added a lot of value, and i know the regulated community and the public i have heard have appreciated those efforts as well. anything else relating to the
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executive director's report from the commissionersin the next item on the agenda is items for future meetings. anybody would like to add anything? >> i just wanted to express appreciation for the interested persons meeting announcement, and i'm glad that we'll be talking about that report at a future meeting. some of the issues that were raised in the course of these conversations kind of come naturally into the consideration of that. i'm thinking of something, like, our whistle-blower experience and it will be -- i think it will be useful for all of us to see you think the contemporary word is "benchmark." but have an opportunity to reflect on that, not in the context of any particular case, but in a general way. >> i agree.
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i agree. we need to look at all of our investigations and all of your work and see where we can improve and i think seeing what has been done in l.a. and a comparison is going to be a useful discussion. i hope that we will have significant public participation. anything else? >> public comment? >> public comment on agenda item no. ix. >> david pilpel. i will remind the commission self years ago we had attached to the executive director's report a six-month forward calendar of topics and hearings that sort of withered away after a while. i think that would be helpful to list those things that we know or intend to have happen in the next few months, and those things that haven't yet been scheduled, but are intended to happen. there are some things that are on an annual schedule and other things, as-needed. i would really encourage you to
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develop that, and maintain it. i think it would be helpful for you and the staff. >> the next item on the agenda is public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on the agenda that are within the jurisdiction of the ethics commission. >> i beg your indulgence for speaking during public comment and i promise not to come again. the library commissioners are appointed by the mayor. one of the library commissioners, michael briar resigned june 11th. i visited the ethics commission's office in the first week in july, to ask for the report from the mayor on vacancies. the staff of the ethics commission told me that no such report was required. i pointed out that not only is
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it required under san francisco campaign and government conduct code section 3.1-105, but the failure to provide such notice is defined as "official misconduct." the person who was helping me said she never heard of this before. i provided her a copy of the law, which i would be glad to provide with you -- to you, if you want. and she said that mr. st. croix would call me. i came back a week later to find out why no one had called me and she said that the mayor would be complying starting next month, even though the notice period is 15 days under the law. i asked a series of questions, has there been into complaints so far? do you have any documents relative to? and to seech question she responded i'm not clear on that, after i had
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gotten that same answer four or five times it was clear to me this was just another cover-up, even before the facts had been established. you have to realize that this comes on top of the abuse and dishonest that we get every place else. i mean, if the mayor's office is just a gang, and the library commission is just a gang, and there is no reason why you should be socially responsibility, because the ethics commission is just a gang, then we're just going around in circles. you have to realize that this is, in fact, cover-up. mr. st. croix sees himself, obviously, as a situation where everybody else in the city is mostly honest, and i'm the only one who is completely corrupt. well, the trouble is everybody else in city hall sees
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themselves exactly that same way. let everybody else be honest mr. st. croix sees himself a sleazy corporate executive running the ethics commission. well, it doesn't start there. if there is no ethics at the ethics commission, there is no ethics. it has do with all kinds of disclosure i would like to get, but if he is just going to tell them before the investigation, what is the use? >> any other public comment? is there a motion to adjourn the meeting? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> hearing none, the meeting is adjourned. [ gavel ]
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>> the renovation of balboa park, the oldest in the city of san francisco, and now it is the newest part in the city of san
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francisco. through our partnership, and because of public investment from the two thousand eight fund, we are celebrating a renewal and an awakening of this park. we have it safer, happier, more joyous. >> 3, 2, 1, [laughter] =--[applause] >> it is a great resource for families, to have fun in the city, recreation. >> this is an amazing park. we have not revitalized it without public and private investment.
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the critical piece of the process of this renovation was that it was all about the community. we reached out to everyone in this community. we love this park dearly and they all had thoughts and ideas and they wanted to bring their own creativity and their personality to bear on the design. what you see is what the community wanted. these ideas all came from the residents of this community. as a result, there is a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility that goes along with what is going to be an exciting park. (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal.
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listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose.
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and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows
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and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and
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commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson; fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss, extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all. string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section; everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could
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do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off. i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel. there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not going to know that particular song by the fourth note. and that is our encore on tour. by the way. i am proud to play it,
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we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are.
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